Interview with Joshua Pantalleresco, Wandering Writer and Wings Fan

I’ve done a bunch of these interviews now and I thought I would change up the intro part a bit just to make things fun. Today’s interview is with Joshua Pantalleresco. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I can’t. I know, I’m a terrible person for that.

This is Josh. He’s a cool dude. He likes to write stuff. Like The Watcher.  You should buy it and read it because I said to. And because Josh said I’m proud of it, and it’s finally in print and it’s the first time a book of mine is being published by a publisher, which is pretty damn cool from where I sit.” And he’s right, that IS pretty damn cool. Ok so enough talking about the guy and on to getting to know him. Oh and let’s not hold the fact against him that he cheers for the Detroit Red Wings, ok? (Go Bruins!)

1.  Ok Josh tell us about yourself! Who ARE you and what is it that you do exactly?

I’m a wandering writer.   As to what I do, I think the simple answer is that I chase my dreams. 

2.  What made you want to be a writer?

It was an accident.  I wrote in a contest in the eighth grade when I attended Evelyn Harrison Public School in London Ontario.  I had to write an essay or a short story.   Well I came up with this kid from Calgary named Michael who traveled through time and witnessed history. I didn’t win the contest, but it was fun and I continued the story and in due time, I started telling others.

3.  You blog, you have a book coming out and you write a comic. What can you tell us about each of those? is my blog where you can listen to me interview artists in general about their passions and what they do.   I interview actors, contortionist, skaters, teachers, writers, comic book creators, and really, anybody that has an interesting story to tell.   I’m inspired by people doing stuff and hopefully when you read, you too will be inspired.

When I’m not interviewing creators, I’m talking about the things that I’m doing, or talking about things I’m interested in.

My comic is called Paradigm.  It’s illustrated by Twyla April, lettered by James Reddington and written by yours truly.  It’s about a super powered teen that uses his super powers to save the world from his parents.  It’s disney afternoon buffoonery meeting classic pulp and superhero tropes.  I’m having a blast with this book so far.   You can view the comic at

Finally, The Watcher is a YA fantasy post apocalyptic poetry epic about a slave boy escaping his dragons captors and exploring the new world, discovering there is indeed more out there.

4.  So what’s up next after The Watcher?

I’m continuing to work on Paradigm.  There will be new pages every Monday and Wednesday until the first arc is done.    After that, we’ll see how things go.  I’m thrilled with the story so far, and think it’s going to end in a neat place.

I got the sequel to the Watcher to work on.  I just handed in the corrections to the Watcher to my publisher before I started this interview.  I got a couple of places it can go, but I think I know what I want to tell next.  The working title on it is called “The Brave”

While I’m not holding my breath, I managed to talk a publisher into looking at a novel of mine in October.  All I’m really going to say about this.

Beyond that, I got a mixed media project that I’m really looking forward to focusing on.  Finally, there’s my blog which will continue to have interviews up every Tuesday.  That’s my plate for the moment.

5. What are some of the highlights of your writing career so far?

The Watcher is a pretty huge milestone for me. I’ve published essays and a few other things for other publications in the pass, but this feels like a huge step towards trying to make this thing into something I can make a living doing, which is my goal at least.

My First comic getting published was a big highlight too.  I had been hired by this author to work for him at his studio.  It really didn’t work out the way anyone planned, and I ended up pretty much starving myself.  All the while, little by little, I managed to keep putting out something in the comic.  To see it in my hands, after all the struggle and toil just felt good. 

6. Your blog has an interesting title- where did the name come from? 

See question two. 

7.  So what kind of stuff do you read?

Everything.  I’m a comics slut, but am enjoying the heck out of books like Saga, Five Weapons, Rachel Rising, the GL books Dc puts out, and a plethora of others – including some work by that Lorenz guy.   I’m sure you’ve heard of him.

Book wise I’m currently reading I Choose To Die by Ksenia Anske and the Alabaster short story collection by Caitlin Kiernan.

I’ll read sports columns and alternative health recipes very often in the same day.   My dad is a naturopath, and it rubs off.  I research and know far too much about food to ever call it safe again.  I’ll read scientific papers and technology too.  All in all, it really comes down to the mood I’m in.

8.  You’ve travelled a lot- what are some of the places you’ve been and what did you like about them?

To see?  Probably my favorite place to see was Vancouver Island in Canada.   The peace of the place just feels so different.  I wasn’t ready for it when I was younger.  Now that I’m a little older, I could see myself living somewhere like that sooner than later. 

Speaking of British Columbia – Vancouver to me is a touch strange, because for such a large city people are friendly, open minded, and it’s quiet for a large place.  Contrast that to say Los Angeles, it’s so laid back. 

To live?  I loved Windsor.  The people in that city rock.  It is the only place in all my travels in North America where everyone can shoot the breeze with everyone, regardless of race, creed, lifestyle choice etc.   The people there are awesome.  I cannot stress how unique that city was in that regard.

I liked Phoenix too.   Hate the food down there, but love the people.  The city to me still has a touch of the wild west in it.   If I were to live in the states it would either be there or Seattle.

9.  Ok so you like the Detroit Red Wings- which is your favorite player and have you always been a Wings fan?

My family’s from Detroit, so it was a natural thing. I was a fan when Tim Cheveldae was the goalie.  Those were some dark days indeed.  I got to enjoy seeing my team become THE team.   I got to see it, and it was cool.

On today’s team,  I love Datsyuk.  He’s a magician, plain and simple and has a little bit of my favorite player in him.  That player is Steve Yzerman.

I’ve always been a Steve Yzerman fan.  For a long time he wasn’t really noticed by anybody.  He quietly was the number three or four guy in the league offensively for ages.  If it wasn’t for Gretzky and Lemieux, he probably would have been the greatest offensive player of a generation.  

But more than that, Yzerman impressed me with his will to win.   He changed his game to make his team better.  And I’ll never forget the playoffs where on literally a broken leg he carried the team on his back for two rounds.   He is the man.

The Watcher on
The Watcher on 

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