365 Days Later…

One year ago today September17 Productions published it’s first book, LEGACY #1. 

LEGACY is the flagship title of the S17 comic books (yes, that means more than just comics will be published) and since the release of the first book, issues 2 and 3 have also come out, along with a second title, New Guard, and LEGACY #s 4 and 5 slated for release later this year. 

Six books in a year and a half for a small indie Canadian publisher isn’t too shabby, if I do say so. And I just did. But of course this is not a one-man show. The incredible artists that have brought to life these books are at the heart of it; Mike Campeau, Andre Siregar, Anang Setyawan, Jessica Jimerson, Kenan Halilovic and most recently, Justin Shauf. Without them these six books would all just be words on paper. Well, computer screen, but you get the idea. 

Other artists that need mention are Darren Calvert, Peter Raymond and Eryck Webb, all of which have contributed in ways that you might not have realized or have had a chance to see just yet. Darren did a number of character designs for S17, Peter did the Magistrate pin-up in LEGACY #3 (and is working on a short story with that same character) and Eryck has done a couple pieces that you’ll see in some up-coming S17 releases, in addition to (hopefully, if schedules permit) a project in 2015. 

I know it seems like every few months I write some sort of Thank You blog but the fact is this stuff doesn’t happen without these people. So strap in because here comes some more.

The two people who pushed me to sit my ass down and write an actual comic script; Cassandra and Mike T- this is all because of you guys. Without your encouragement (some might even say harassment- Mike, I’m looking at you) I never would have even tried. 

My ass-kickers; Shannon and Kelly- you make sure I do what needs to be done and when I get down you make sure to yell at me til I get back in the game. Yelling with love, but also with the looming threat of a baseball bat to the kneecap. Thank you. 

Fellow writers Christine, DT, Josh, Justin, Laura, Kurt, Scott, Stephen, and Vito- whether it was bouncing ideas, talking shop, joining forces or just being a cool cat, you folks are really “swell”. (Hey if it’s good enough for Clark Kent, it’s good enough for me.) 

Adam and Charlie, thanks not only for showing me the way to making it happen on my own, but being some really cool friends who seem to dig what I’m doing as much as I dig your work. To read someone’s work for some time and be a fan of it and then have that same person turn around and enjoy yours? That is a VERY cool thing. 

Ok I”ll start to wrap up the thank yous here and I’m sure I’m going to miss a few names- please don’t hate me, I’ll make it up to you:  my parents (for more reasons than I can list), my sons (who brag about their dad’s “way cool comics”), my sister and my nephews, the cheerleaders (aka friends): Aaron, Brodhie, Chad, (Dancin’) Chad, Chris (Weasher), David, Delayney, Drew, Evie, Garry, Gloria (you STILL haven’t seen a book but your support is amazing), Jacqui , Jane, Jean, Lorilee, Matt E, Matt S, Martyn, Michael B. and Roy. All the great co-workers over the last couple years that have seen this go from talking about it to finished product in-hand. You guys keep the excitement (and the sales) going strong every day. 

Jean-Francois of They Stand On Guard! blog gets a special shout out for being the Crusader of Canadian Comic Creators and Characters and I look forward to getting Canadian Corps in your hands in the (not THAT distant future). 

Blaine of Blaine’s Books and Music, and Jeremy and the rest of the gang at Galaxy Comics for being awesome enough to carry the books- if I wasn’t already a customer for life because of the great service you guys give, I sure as heck would be now. Thank you so much for allowing my stuff to take up some of your valuable shelf space and telling people about the books- when I’m all super rich and famous I’ll make sure to remember you guys. 

And to you. Yes, you. If you are reading this, checked out the Facebook page, followed me on Twitter, bought the books (don’t forget #1 of LEGACY and New Guard are FREE til midnight on the 6th on DriveThruComics.com!) or spread the word… THANK YOU. I hope you’re diggin’ what we’ve been doing. It’s only one year in and we’ve done some neat stuff but just wait until you see what we have in-store for you in Year Two…  😉

Andrew Lorenz 

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