That’s something you’re going to see of a fair bit in 2015 from me.

What’s it all about? 

So often we hear people talking about how “if only” they had the time to do something they’d have it done. Or “why isn’t” such and such a thing better? We all at one point or another just wait for good things to happen to us instead of going out there and making them happen. Or we wait for someone else to make the changes we want to see. Or pick a random date (example New Years) to enact resolutions that really we could have done at any point. 

#BringTheAwesome is a reminder to stop sitting around wishing and saying “if only” or whatever other excuse you can come up with to tell yourself, and to get your butt in gear and start DOING. Bring that awesomeness to life. Be that agent of change. Do that project you’ve been putting off. Show the world, and more importantly, yourself, that you CAN do it. 

That’s it, that’s all. There is no magic behind the words, it still means you have to do the work- just reading it won’t make it happen. Now get out there and #BringTheAwesome. Can’t wait to see what great things we’ll all accomplish this year.


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