Where All My Posts At?

I had said awhile back that I wanted to get more consistent with my blog posts- my goal going into 2015 was to do one per week. That fell apart pretty quickly. It’s been a busy year and I haven’t made writing the priority that I had planned on. Which is ok. 

I know, right? A writer saying that it’s ok that they AREN’T writing? Craziness. 

The fact is I’ve had a lot of things happening away from the keyboard and, as awesome and fun as it is to live in these imaginary worlds I come up with, the real world matters more. Real people are more important than the citizens of Legacy or Grenfell or wherever else I’m writing about. So because of stuff like that and a general inclination to spend my time on other things, it slipped. 

More and more however, things have gotten back to a normal pace (well, they haven’t but I’m doing better with my time management) so my aim is to get back to what I’d said back at the end of 2014- a blog entry per week. Or more. 

To hit that goal, a fair bit of this may dive into journal-like stuff instead of whatever format I’ve done until now. Ok, so there hasn’t been a set format- I find that way too restrictive and quite frankly, boring. If I’m going to do this, I want to have some fun. 

Sometimes I’ll talk about what I’m currently reading, what’s going on in my writing life, music, movies, sports, whatever. And you’re welcome to read or not as you please. If you could care less about hockey; skip that one. If you’re dying to know my thoughts on the Big Two versus the rest of the comics industry- tune in. 

I’ll give on quick warning/disclaimer. Since this isn’t a formal sort of thing, expect there to be rambling. I will literally be sitting at a keyboard and typing out whatever the blog is about and posting it- I don’t do second drafts on here. Spellcheck, sure, but that’s it. 

The series profiles that I had mentioned doing awhile back ARE still coming. I’d wanted to do them sooner but, again, it hasn’t worked out yet. More interviews are also coming- since I did the original batch I’ve met a TON of awesome writers, artists and whatnot- people whom you really should get to know. They’re cool as can be and super talented as well. Who doesn’t want to get to know people like that?

If there’s anything that YOU want to see me write about in here- drop me a line! I am more than happy tackle pretty much anything you can think of. And if I don’t know anything about the topic, I’ll research it! It’s good practice and always fun to learn new stuff. 

Well, that’ll be it for today. I’m not going to have a set day (I don’t think, anyhow) that I’ll be posting new entries, so we’ll see you next time. 

Oh and I still plan on knocking out those 52 posts this year. 4 down, 48 more to go. Luckily it’s only halfway through August, huh?  😉  


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