New Interview! From Comic Basics.

The excellent Joel Scott of the Comic Basics website recently interviewed me about making comic books and September17 Productions! Great guy and a cool website that you should check out! […]

Indie Creator Andrew Lorenz

The Challenge of Creating Indie Comic Books In Canada

Wow, that sure sounds like a fancy title for one of my blog posts, eh? Usually, it’s things like “Why I Like Cheeseburgers” or “Neat Things You Should Read”. Either […]

Success is a matter of perception

Note: This was originally published Jan.3, 2014 on my blog. I’m sitting here at my desk eating cold leftovers from the night before, sipping on an energy drink (I have […]

First Post of the All-New S17 Site!

Welcome to the first post of the all-new September17 Productions website! is your source for all things S17- from our books LEGACY, New Guard and Canadian Corps, to our […]