Andre Siregar

Legendary Line Artist on LEGACY and the up-coming S17 book, The Sentries.

Name: Andre Siregar
Age: 36 yrs
Family: a wife with 2 kids

About Andre:

I was born in a well educated family. My parents always told me that the one who will succeed in life are those who graduated and have a decent office work. But the inherited artistic blood from my Mom’s spoke differently. Even though I never had difficulties at school, I never really wanted to become something else than an artist. i have too much imaginations on my head. I’m a wild dreamer. I love to draw, making statues, wood carving. Until one day, I decided to be a comic artist. And it’s been like that until now.

On a daily basis, me and my wife are running our own small clothing company, specialized in children apparels and dresses. But after sunset, I live my life on wherever the script told me to. Whether it’s in a galaxy far-far away, or in a wild wild west right in the middle of a gunfight, or even in a basement somewhere with a notorious serial killer and his beautiful sexy assistant just before a 350ft giant Komodo crushed the building figthting a Mothra. I would say, my life is quite an adventure.