Andrew Lorenz

A lifelong fan of comic books, science fiction, mystery novels, and blues music, LEGACY #1 was Andrew’s first self-published work. LEGACY is the flagship title for the S17 comic book universe, with New Guard being the second title, debuting in early 2014.

Andrew’s latest project, Canadian Corps #1, debuted September 2015 and the initial print run of the book was founded by S17’s first Kickstarter attempt; a smashing success that saw the book reach 173% funding thanks to over one hundred fantastic backers.

Currently underway is a series of mystery novels featuring Steven Kincaid, an ex-private investigator turned wannabe novelist with the first book titled Innocents Lost.

When not writing, reading or sleeping, Andrew spends far too much time following his favorite hockey team, the Boston Bruins, and spending time drinking the spiced rum with friends and talking about music, movies, superheroes, mythology, and anything else that is now considered to be “cool” (though he was into it WELL before then). Also, making plans to take over the world.

In his day job he’s an Auto Parts demi-god. It’s nowhere near as cool as it sounds, so buy his books so he can quit that job and write full time. He may give you a cookie if you do.