Christine Steendam

Proofreader of scripts and novels extraordinaire.

Christine has always had a knack for storytelling. Her urge to write was heavily influenced by her dad, also a voracious reader. His love of history and reading and sharing his knowledge with his kids led Christine to develop an interest in historical fiction. Christine’s love of horses comes from her mom. They still spend as much downtime together as they can with their four-legged companions.

Heart Like an Ocean was Christine’s debut novel, published by 5 Prince Publishing, and followed soon after by her second book, Unforgiving Plains, which was inspired by a cattle round-up in Foremost, Alberta.

In 2014 Unforgiving Plains, Christine’s contemporary romance series, book 1, was nominated for a RONE award in the Novella category, and went on to win honorable mention.

Christine is also an avid participant in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and a fan of the experience, known for roping her friends into the challenge. Her books, Owned by the Ocean, the prequel to the Ocean series, and Shadows of the Unseen, a leap into the world of sci-fi, are both products of the month-long writing challenge.

No doubt one of the reasons she joined S17 as an editor was to continue to harass Andrew to take part (and finish) a NaNoWriMo novel project of his own.

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