Writing Schedule For the Second Half of 2015

I’ve always found I get my best writing results when I throw them out there for everyone to see what I’ll be doing so that’s what I’m doing here. This […]

Where I’ve Been and What I’m Up To

Welcome back, one and all! As you can tell it’s been awhile since I wrote one of these blog entries (due to equal parts laziness and spending time on other […]

Interview with A.P Fuchs, Self-Publishing and Superheroes

I came across Fuchs’s work for the first time in a local book store, Chapters, back in 2006. I saw the book, entitled Axiom-man, under the Local Talent section which […]

Interview With Charlie McElvy: WatchGuard Creator and OCR Athlete (and about 1000 other things)

I don’t even know where to start with this one. For a lot of reasons. Normally this is where I go “here’s how I’m familiar with so-and-so and why you […]

Interview with Joshua Pantalleresco, Wandering Writer and Wings Fan

I’ve done a bunch of these interviews now and I thought I would change up the intro part a bit just to make things fun. Today’s interview is with Joshua […]